Celeste Barber
Celeste Barber in a self-parody photo Instagram

From Beyonce to the Kardashians/Jenners, no A-lister is safe on Instagram when it comes to Australian comedian Celeste Barber's outrageously funny tribute to the A-Listers' most popular selfies and snaps.

Barber – who is a self-confessed pop-culture fanatic – recreates some of the iconic, Internet-breaking photos on social media, in the process earning herself a loyal following of over 2.5 million.

And while, the pictures shared by the mother-of-four tend to have a self-depreciating humour about them, they unfailingly bring out the difference between what is reel and real.

"When there isn't a star emoji big enough," she wrote alongside a recent recreation of reality star Kim Kardashian's infamous nude photo while perched upon a tree. Although, the comedian – who has herself claimed the ranks of an Instagram sensation – appears to have a preference for Keeping up With the Kardashians stars, she has taken on other celebs as well.

Starring as Beyonce – from the time the pop star announced the arrival of her twins – Barber ensured that the parody pic – hilariously replacing the babies with other props – has her fans in splits.

"There's no greater feeling than holding life's most precious gifts," she shared in the caption.

The multi-talented star regularly takes on a new challenge and a different celebrity – whether it's a topless Hailey Baldwin or Justin Bieber's shirtless look – with a witty take. But the pictures that tickle your funny bones have quite a simple origin behind them.

"It started when my sister and I would text each other photos for a laugh," said Barber explaining the idea to Stellar magazine. "We would see some celebrity on social media saying, 'This is me, just dropping my kids off at school.' Well, this is what I look like dropping my kids off at school."

Check out more of Barber's hilarious celeb photo clones below:

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