Blac Chyna
An explicit video of Blac Chyna's performing a sex act was previously leaked online. CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

Blac Chyna wants to make it clear that despite her sex tape leaking, she will not be pursuing a career in a the adult movie industry anytime soon.

The reality star, real name is Angela Renée White, has denied being the star of another x-rated video making the rounds online.

According to TMZ, the grainy 13-minute video shows her doppelgänger - same body type, hairstyle and skin tone - engaging in sexual intercourse with a black man.

But despite the resemblance, the mother-of-two insists it is not her in the out of focus footage.

Her lawyers have sent more than 20 cease and desist letters to the porn sites that are hawking the video using Chyna's name.

The explicit tape surfaced online just hours after her video with Mechie was leaked on Monday (19 February).

The reality star's attorney Walter Mosley called the leak "criminal".

"Why do we think it's acceptable to sell, or publish, or seek revenge, or blackmail women in this way and without their consent?" Mosley wrote.

He added, "We need to stop sharing these videos with each other in the club, at the barbershop or (and especially) online. It is a morally corrupt action, which is (at least in California) criminal."

But some members of her online community didn't offer the same compassion with one person writing: "This chick @BLACCHYNA so desperate to be a Kardashian & get back at @Tyga that she wasn't satisfied with just hsving a baby by @robkardashian, but she made a sex tape too. I swear Kim did that 1st. But i could do better than both of them together."

Chyna was previously a victim of revenge porn when her ex-fiance Rob Kardashian posted naked pictures of her on Instagram, claiming she taunted him with affairs with other men, was a habitual drug user and a gold-digger.

The former exotic dancer hit back by enlisting the services of attorney Lisa Bloom, asking the courts to grant a restraining order that prohibits 30-year-old Kardashian from going near her or posting about her online. She also alleged that he had been abusive towards her, which he denies.