Following the massive data outage earlier this month, BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion is now facing legal action over its newly announced BBX operating system.

The platform was announced last week and signals a merger between BlackBerry OS and QNX, but a New Mexico company, BASIS International, has disputed RIM's use of the BBX name, claiming that the trademark is theirs.

RIM has been told that it cannot use the BBX name RIM

BASIS International states that it is willing to fight with RIM over the name, and its claim to the trademark lays in a product called BBx (Business BASIC eXtender), which they have worked on since 1985.

BASIS eXtender is a little-known interpreter for the company's programming language and, although a lawsuit has not yet been filed, BASIS say they've given RIM until October 31 to respond to a cease and desist, requesting the BlackBerry manufacturer to stop using the BBX name.

If RIM does not comply - and no is expecting it to - then BASIS says it will "take the next logical legal step".

TechCrunch reports that RIM has told Reuters it hasn't received the complaint and, even if it does, there isn't a problem: "We do not believe the marks are confusing, particularly since our respective companies are in difference lines of business."