As retailers roll out enticing deals to grab shoppers' dollars, some people on social are looking forward to poke fun at the Black Friday craze.

The Internet is flooded with hilarious memes on the heavy discount day that shopping-crazy customers wait all year for.

Even Nasa could not ignore the Black Friday shopping craze and is celebrating its own "Black Hole Friday."

"It's #BlackFriday, but we don't do much shopping in space. Instead, join us for our 5th annual #BlackHoleFriday where we'll share awesome images and facts about black holes," the space agency tweeted.

Every year customer fight videos go viral on social media. So here is a suggestion from one Twitter user:

In the UK, people are taking the #buynothing day quite seriously.

Everyone needs a little ninja technique to find the best TV deal:

And, a little Star Wars inspiration to crack the 100% off deal:

When you end up buying the product and you don't even use it - blame it on the mad crowd:

This meme sums up the buyer who ends up buying unnecessary items:

Credit card bill post the Black Friday shopping is nothing short of a nightmare.

Here are some other Twitter posts:

1: How is Black Friday even allowed in this PC-crazed age? Surely has to be Colour-Neutral Friday?

2: By the time I read all my #blackfriday offers it will be Saturday.

3: Of you using your salary for #BlackFriday, please be thinking of potential pawn shops around cos I know for sure you'll need it.

4: Today's the day Donald Trump hates most: #BLACKfriday

5: #blackfriday The worship at the altar of materialism & consumerism.

6: Why am I so defenseless against deals rip my bank account will have to start eating leaves till I get paid again.

7: Welcome to Black Friday: A day where we celebrate lots of people buying lots of things that they don't actually need.

8: There are people dying on our streets & hospital corridors, children going hungry, yet we live in a world where rampant capitalism, neoliberalism and greed are encouraged.... We need a rethink. Now.

9: The original 'Black Friday', recorded in 1610, was school slang for 'a Friday on which an examination is held.'

10: I love how British people have so much utter contempt for Black Friday.

Black Friday
Shoppers carry their purchases on Oxford Street as stores offer discounted items in their Black Friday sales Leon Neal/Getty Images