Xreal glasses

Some might think that smart glasses are merely an accessory for now, but they are slowly becoming an integral part of our electronic lifestyle. With technology now moving towards heightened immersion through visual and sensory aspects, smart glasses are a step forward.

While we certainly have bulky iterations like virtual reality (VR) headsets as well as cheap smart glasses, there are only quite a few of these models that blend the true aesthetic of a sunglass while having the capabilities of a smart device that one can use and find useful at any given time.

That's why, in this context, the XREAL Air 2 pro stands out. It doesn't just enhance the display experience, it immerses users in vibrant colours and private music, creating a truly personal entertainment experience. The XREAL Air 2 pro is not just a smart glass, it's a gateway to a captivating visual world. But what makes it the ideal smart glass for your electronic needs? Let's delve into its unique features:

Combining Visuals And Cinematic Experience

If there is one thing that a smart glass must have, it must be capable of providing the best display experience for a user–despite having a very small surface area to cover the display. The XREAL Air 2 pro utilises an accurate 3-degree of freedom (3DoF) tracking, a technology that allows you to fix the gigantic screen in the air so it feels like you are watching a real-world TV.

This means the screen moves in sync with your head movements, creating a more immersive and natural viewing experience. Do note that this feature needs an XREAL Beam to work correctly.

Moreover, it has a 'smooth follow' feature, a technology that minimises display movements when jostled around. This means the screen stays steady and doesn't jitter, even when you're in a moving vehicle, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience.

This is ideal for those who want to use it in a vehicle, giving you a proper personal and private entertainment space. In true 3D fashion, it also supports a side view, which shrinks the display and moves it to the side to avoid visual interference while still able to enjoy a show.

If you still need convincing, this smart glass has a 120hz refresh rate, almost comparable to typical laptop screens and even smartphones. This gives you crisp and vivid images in a snap–and the screen follows your head's movement while playing!

Moreover, if you want to turn your viewing space into a more private one, the XREAL Air 2 pro has three levels of dimness for the glasses. This means you can adjust the brightness of the screen to suit your environment and personal preference, ranging from seeing the surroundings to only focusing on the screen in front of you.

Private Cinematic Sound And Expanded Compatibility

Xreal Air 2 Pro

A smart glass built as a personal entertainment device isn't complete without a reliable and private audio system for your enjoyment. The XREAL Air Pro 2 features directional audio technology that blasts audio or music directly to your ears while reducing the amount of audio leaked outside. This means you can fully enjoy gaming or watching your favourite movie on the smart glass without disturbing others.

And, of course, how could we forget the compatibility of these glasses? Using USB-C video output, the glasses should work on Android devices, iPhones and iPads, your Windows laptop or MacBook, and even your Stream Deck!

Moreover, by acquiring the XREAL Adapter to Lightning and HDMI ports, the glass can work with your iPhone and iPad and your Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series S/X.

This means that you can enjoy a personalised display experience whether you want to multitask on your laptop, catch Animal Crossing, or even watch the latest thriller on your laptop. If anything, the entertainment possibilities are there–you just need to explore them.