Cambridge ended a run of four successive defeats to claim the men's Boat Race after the 62nd edition of the Varsity clash in London. Without a win since 2012, the Light Blues prevailed by five seconds after powering ahead in the closing stages.

President Henry Hoffstot, part of losing boats in 2014 and 2015, told BBC Sport: "I am at an absolute loss for words. Coming out here and winning is a feeling I have never experienced before. I am truly humble."

In the women's race, Oxford claimed a fourth straight win and an eighth in the last nine years as the Cambridge boat struggled to the finish. The Dark Blues won by a huge margin after Cambridge were engulfed by water and almost sank amid stormy conditions on the River Thames.

The Cambridge boat persevered however, eventually finishing and president Hannah Roberts said: "We have put so much into this year. Once we started going down it was obvious it was not going to go our way but we had to see it through to the end."