Bobbi Kristina Brown
Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in a medically induced coma. Fred Prouser/Reuters

Disco diva Chaka Khan has revealed that she is "definitely hurt, disappointed" about Bobbi Kristina's comatose condition.

The 62-year-old star, who was a close friend of the late Whitney Houston, admitted that she wasn't shocked when news broke that the singer's 22-year-old daughter had been found face down in a bathtub, but that she hated what it was doing to her family.

"I can't say I was shocked... But I was definitely hurt, disappointed," she told the Mirror. "I've been in conversation with the family. Everyone's devastated, everyone. I love Bobbi Kristina, I love Whitney, I love Bobby Brown. I love Cissy – I love them all.

She added; "But we just have to wait for what happens next. All I want to do is be there for them. I just need to pray," she reportedly said, adding: "Whitney would be devastated. I wish she was here."

Bobbi Kristina has been on life support since she was found face down in a bath at her Georgia home on 31 January. After almost two months Georgia's Emory University Hospital, the aspiring actress was moved to DeKalb Medical facility in Atlanta, which is said to be better for long-term care.

The aspiring actress's situation echoes the death of her mother, who on the eve of the 2012 Grammys on 11 February 2012, was found unresponsive in a bath in a Beverley Hills hotel.

Khan, who has also battled drug addiction, said that she felt let down by reports that police found drugs at Bobbi Kristina's home.

"You really don't know what this is like for a mother until it happens to you," she said,"I think I'm pretty close to feeling what she would have felt and what she's feeling right now, wherever she is."

Earlier in March, Cissy Houston admitted that although the family has put their faith in God, there "not a great deal of hope" for her comatose granddaughter.

"She's the same," she told New York's WBLS Radio, "And you know, still not a great deal of hope. I feel every bit of it, I truly do. I'm asking everyone to pray to the Lord, who we know can do something about it."

Meanwhile, Brown's godparents gospel singer BeBe Winans and his sister CeCe, said the family are not ready to give up on her.

"Bobbi Kristina is my godchild, CeCe's goddaughter," Winans said. "Whitney and us were very, very close. My children were Whitney's godchildren. It's very difficult... It's family. So we do all that we can, coming down – CeCe's been down there constantly. And we're just praying. That's what we know to do. We believe in miracles and so it's very, very difficult."

"It's hard to even imagine, it really is. You know, Whitney, it's someone like my brother Ronald who passed — I think of her every day. And you just want the best for Bobbi Kristina, so we ask everyone to continue to pray that a miracle does happen, and that's what we need."

Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon has reportedly been banned from visiting her, as police continue investigating the events leading to her being rushed to hospital.