In an update to the shocking Alps murder, the bodies of four people including a British man Saad al-Hilli from Surrey, have been taken away in hearses this afternoon. The body of a second woman believed to be his wife has also been taken away.

French police found four people shot dead near a lake in south-eastern France on Wednesday, three of them in a British-registered BMW car riddled with bullets. A fourth body, a French cyclist who lived locally, was found nearby. A badly injured eight-year-old girl, also found nearby, was taken to hospital by helicopter, where she was being treated for serious head injuries and a bullet wound in her shoulder.

A girl of about four years old was later found alive inside the car on the floor between the front and back seats of the car, under the legs of two dead women thought to be her mother and grandmother.

French Police speaking at an earlier press conference said they believe the victims were deliberately targeted and killed in a gang land style killing .

Written and Presented by Ann Salter