With one more day to go until London's Mayoral election and the two titans of Politics, Boris Johnson current Mayor of London and Len Livingstone ex-Mayor of London. Loved and hated in almost equal measure, are on the final round of garnering support from Londoners throughout the capital for election.

But what are the big issues Londoners want addressed? Policing, has come top of the list, with more funding allocated for police on the streets. Particularly after last year's riots. It is hoped this will help reduce increased violent crime particularly knife and gun related crimes.

Next on the list was transport and fares. With a current fare structure that is the most expensive in the world, Londoners on average wages, want fares to reflect average salaries. This is what Ken said while accompanied by Labour Leader Ed Miliband.

And finally one disillusioned voter had his own take on things.

According to a recent You Gov. poll Johnson on 44 % and Livingstone on 41 % so it's very close now. There other candidates from different parties are running, but they all trail far behind Boris and Ken. The results will be announced on Friday.