London Mayor Boris Johnson joins dancers for a photocall to promote the Notting Hill Carnival at City Hall in London
Boris Johnson is 100% "Party Animal" according to a Twitter game Reuters

A new Twitter game has branded London Mayor Boris Johnson as more of a party animal than Jordan.

The game, launched by Beyond Analysis analyses a user's tweets and provides a graphic of their personal habits.

Johnson's twitter brands him a 100 per cent "Party Animal", while glamour model Katie Price is described as 100 per cent "workaholic".

Victoria Beckham is a mixture of 50 per cent "Fashionista", 25 per cent "Party Animal" and 12. per cent "workaholic", while Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is categorised as just 20 per cent "Tech Geek", 40 per cent "Culture Vulture" and 20 per cent "Couch Potato".

The game is free to play for all twitter users at