Bound 3
James Franco and Seth Rogen have re-created Kanye West's Bound 2 Video.

When Kanye West released the music video to his track Bound 2, featuring a topless Kim Kardashian, fans were less than impressed.

But a parody of the highly sexualised promo, starring acting duo James Franco and Seth Rogen, has become a hit online.

The four-minute clip, which spoofs the video shot for shot, features Franco as Kanye and a topless Rogen as his fiance with hilarious results.

Clearly taking the task at hand very seriously , the pair can be seen French kissing. Franco lip-syncs the N-word.

One viewer said: "James Franco and Seth Rogen prove once again that they are evil comedy masterminds."

Another wrote: "They didn't even have to be creative at all. Mimicking it was just enough. It shows how terrible the original video is."

Watch both videos here: