Adriano Reuters

Brazilian international footballer Adriano accidentally shot a woman, outside a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, according to police reports.

The woman in questino, Adriene Cyrilo Pinto, 20, was wounded in her left hand and needed surgery, according to a report in the Sun. Pinto was quoted as saying the former Inter Milan striker was playing around with his bodyguard's .44 calibre weapon in the rear seat of his BMW when it went off.

However, according to the Sun, Adriano, 29, denies the incident. Two other women, who were also in the car, have apparently told police that Pinto shot herself, in order to get some publicity.

According to a statement by police sergeant Amilton Dias, the footballer showed off the gun without realising it was loaded.

"Adriano stupidly waved the firearm. That's when the shot was discharged accidentally," he was quoted as saying to the Mirror.

The police are investigating the matter.