As the second day of the trial starts in Oslo against Anders Behring Breivik who massacred 77 people last summer, Breivik made another defiant fist -salute to the court.

The counsel has asked for one of the 3 lay co-judges Thomas Indrebo to leave the panel, due to a statement he made about the death penalty.

Speaking in Norwegian Judge Arntzen explained the circumstances.

"I want to start the day by raising an issue of bias and legal competence in relation to Thomas Indrebo, one of the co-judges. This morning the court was informed that he made a statement on July 23 and he said that the death penalty is the only just thing to do in this case.

Following these comments posted on social media networks, the representatives for the prosecution defence and the counsel representing the victims all asked for Indrebo to leave the panel.

The trial was due to resume after a short break after which the lay judge was dismissed. The court has ruled that Breivik's testimony will not be allowed to be broadcast.