Norway is bracing itself for a verdict in the case of the man who admitted to killing 77 people – most of them teenagers - in two separate attacks last July.

Prosecutors want Anders Breivik to be declared insane so he can be committed to a mental institution. He arrived relaxed and smiling with lawyers to hear the prosecution's plea in the packed out courtroom today - the penultimate day of his trial.

During the weeks of this case, as Breivik recounted the attacks he carried out last July, he seemed calm and collected. He bombed a government building in Oslo killing 8 people and then shot at kids at a summer camp on Utoya island, killing another 69. But psychiatric reports committed to the trial conflicted: a pre-trial report said he was insane, so another was ordered and that one said he was sane.

Trond Blattmann, Leader of the July 22 Support Group said: "The most important thing is that he won't be let out in Norwegian society any more. He will be locked up in prison or in a psychiatric ward. Actually, for the support group, that is not important. The most important thing is that we don't see him anymore."

In a poll by public broadcaster : 3 out of 4 Norwegians think he's sane enough to go jail. If the court decides that is the case, then Breivik faces 21 years in prison - which the judge could enhance if he's considered dangerous.