Smith Hart has been diagnosed with stage IV terminal cancer and he might only have a year to live. Smith is the oldest brother of the Hart family, which includes Bret and Owen.

The former pro-wrestler announced the news on his Facebook page.

"The diagnosis is official, I have Stage 4 Terminal Cancer," the 68-year-old Smith wrote. "I have been told that I could potentially have another year."

In the post, Smith also thanked his family and expressed his love for his siblings.

"To all of my siblings, I want you all to know how much I absolutely love all of you. We haven't always been the closest of siblings, but I do love you unconditionally," he wrote.

Smith also said that although his father Stu Hart expected great things from him, he was never the athlete his father was.

"I grew up the son of an Icon and that shadow was insurmountable," he said. "I know my parents wanted big things from me. Where my father saw me as an heir apparent to his athleticism, I was never as dedicated as an athlete as he was. I always wanted to have my hand in the creative end though and while I often butted heads with my parents over this and other lifestyle choices, it never waned my respect and admiration for them."

Smith also praised Owen and said he has not seen a wrestler as talented as his late brother.
"I have often been asked who my favorite wrestler was and while growing up I admired men like Sweet Daddy Siki, Archie Gouldie and Waldo Von Erich, I have never seen a wrestler as talented as my brother Owen that encompassed everything good about wrestling and about humanity," he wrote.

"Owen was the most incredible person I have ever been privileged to know and if the world were filled with people like Owen there would be no need for police or politicians."

Read Smith Hart's full post below:

The diagnosis is official, I have Stage 4 Terminal Cancer. I have been told that I could potentially have another year. ...

Posted by Smith Hart on Thursday, December 22, 2016