Simon Cowell.
The British music mogul admitted he is dating Carmen Electra. Reuters

It all started a few weeks ago, when word got out that iTV's "Britain's Got Talent" (BGT) would air at the same time as BBC's "The Voice.

The two reality shows will hit the airwaves on the evening of 24 March and, true to expectations, the judges of each show have been having a few words with each other, openly.

The latest clash, initiated by BGT's Amanda Holden was reported in the Daily Mail.

"Why should viewers switch over to us? Because Tom might be spinning in his grave next week. Bring it on. This feels like the A-team to me," said Holden, to the Daily Mail. Sir Tom Jones is the mentor on "The Voice".

The BBC is reported to have expressed their shock at Holden's comments.

Simon Cowell of BGT also expressed himself in the whole matter.

"Susan Boyle has sold nearly 30 million albums. You can't knock the statistics. It makes the marks from one of 'The Voice' panelists who said: 'Only singers can judge talent shows' ridiculous'," he added.

Then it was the turn of American singer, of "The Voice".

"I think they just show Simon Cowell might be nervous about us," he said.

The mentors for "The Voice" are Black Eyed Peas', Jessie J, The Script's Danny O'Donaghue and Sir Tom.

So... what will happen on opening night?