British rapper has been voted best dressed man for 2012 by GQ magazine.

Renowned for his daring musical choices, the rapper has altered the path of UK urban music and proved that pop is both commercial and credible, appealing to fans of all ages.

Now the star can add a fashion title to his name.

GQ said that this year the list featured a lot of new entries and a "real shake-up".

"What hasn't changed about the list is how accurately it reflects the enormous variety of different styles that make up the quintessential British look - from the sharpest Savile Row suits to the hippest hip-hop swagger. That is why the world still looks to these islands for inspiration - and even an education in what to wear," it claimed.

Tinie Tempah, who heads the GQ list of best dressed international men for 2012, is from London.

On his website biography, Tinie Tempah, whose real name is Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu, said: "I just want people to know that I'm a young guy trying to live out his dream and do everything possible to make that dream happen. I'm an average, regular guy from south London but at the same time I want it all - and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that happens."

He paid homage to his hometown for giving him all the inspiration he has needed to succeed.

"London is one of the only places in the world where you can live in a council block and see a beautiful semi-detached house across the street. Growing up around that was inspirational, it kept me motivated."