A bomb's exploded on a bus in north western Pakistan killing at least 19 people, and injuring dozens. It ripped through a vehicle full of government staff and civilians heading home from work.

This is what's left of the bus, remarkably much of its structure is still intact. Here investigators and onlookers crowd around to get a better view of the wreckage on this road close to a mosque. The bus was taking around 40 commuters home after a long and busy day at work from government offices in Peshawar towards Charsada. The dead apparently include 6 women, a further 35 people were injured.

Chaos ensued in the immediate aftermath with residents shuttling victims from the bomb site in taxis and trucks to nearby Lady Reading Hospital. No group has claimed responsibility for the blast and it's not known if a suicide bomber was involved or whether explosives were left behind to detonate on the packed out vehicle.

Peshawar is close to a tribal region where Taliban militants hide out and the Pakistani Taliban have carried out hundreds of attacks like this before: displaying their anger about the government's close links to America. One Information Minister said in Pakistan said today it will 'relentlessly target the militants if they did not give up their fight'.

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Written & Presented by Marverine Cole