After her hit duet with rumoured boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello is all set for her new release on September 5. She took to Instagram to share the teaser of her upcoming release titled "Romance."

The teaser shows her heart opening up with a golden key. Once it opens, we see a pumping heart on the right, an hourglass on the left and a white house below them. She looks blankly into the camera throughout the entire teaser. The teaser ends with a note saying,"Truly surrender to the drama." She also shared a picture on Instagram, where could be seen sitting on a pillar. There were impressions of the letter "R" in the pillars, symbolizing her new album title.

After her big summer hit with Shawn Mendes, she has often been seen in the headlines. The "Senorita" performance in the MTV VMAs with her rumoured boyfriend was one of the biggest talking points from the event, reported Entertainment Tonight.

60th Annual Grammy Awards
Camila Cabello pose at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards Getty

Before posting the teaser, she posted a video on Instagram on Saturday, where she talked about love. She captioned the video as "What do I know about love?" In the video, she spoke about her knowledge of love and what happens when it gets ruined. She also spoke about how love gets ruined. She says that it makes its way into a person's heart without any prior notice. It shows no mercy to any kind of person. "It'll bring you to your knees if you did it right," she said in the video.

Everyone has a different way of feeling it and it changes the people involved in it from the time they first meet. "Kissing is everything," she said. She also said that even when we are with our friends, we think about those kisses and secretly, unconsciously we start smiling. She said that she has not been able to control its power. Towards the end of the video, she says that she wants her life to be a work of art and her songs to be the camera that captures her artwork. "It's what I am living, that's the art," she concluded.