Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has slammed forward Carlos Tevez's refusal to warm up at Bayern Munich in September, according to the Sun.

"Tevez behaved stupidly in the way a player shouldn't - especially a great player. I was really angry because I was not expecting that from him. I always had excellent relations with him. That's the first time I've seen that in such an important match when there was 40 minutes still left to play," the newspaper has quoted Mancini as saying.

However, Tevez remains in his home country Argentina and is reportedly expected to join Italian football club AC Milan next month.

Mancini said he had given Tevez many chances to redeem himself: "Ten days after what happened in Munich, I invited him to come to my place to talk. I told him if he apologised to me, to the club, to the team, he could come back into the squad. I would have forgiven him but he replied that he didn't have to apologise to anyone," he told the newspaper.