Liam Neeson, The Grey
Liam Neeson ate wolf meat , during the making of The Grey movie. Reuters

A-list Hollywood actor Liam Neeson is considering giving up his faith in Catholicism to become a Muslim after Islamic prayer "got into his spirit".

The 59-year-old Taken star revealed that he experienced the desire to convert while filming in the Turkish city Istanbul, according to The Sun.

Neeson, who has been nominated for an Oscar, a Bafta and three Golden Globe awards, was raised in Northern Ireland as a devout Catholic and was a former altar boy in Ballymena.

He told the paper: "The Call to Prayer happens five times a day and for the first week it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit and it's the most beautiful, beautiful thing.

"There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim."

But the star, who was married to actress Natasha Richardson for 15 years before her tragic death in a skiing accident in 2009, has always questioned his religious beliefs.

"I was reared a Catholic but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What's it all about?" he explained.

"I'm constantly reading books on God or the absence of God and atheism."

Neeson was criticised in 2010 after denying claims by author CS Lewis that the character Aslan is based on Christ in his series The Chronicles of Narnia. Neeson, who was the voice of Aslan in the movies, insisted at the time that the character was, in fact, based on all spiritual leaders, including Mohammed.