Police released CCTV of a gang of men suspected of carrying out vicious robberies. West Midlands Police

CCTV footage of a gang of muggers who attacked their victim "like a pack of animals" has been released by police.

West Midlands Police are investigating a pair of robberies in the Yardley area of Birmingham are asking for help identifying a group of seven men who are suspected of carrying out a "horrifying" attack.

The men were filmed hanging around the Yew Tree Island just after 11pm on July 31. They are seen working together as a team as they scour the streets for a suitable victim.

Having chosen their target they can be seen starting to follow their victim, a 32-year-old man. They follow him into a car park and then launch theur attack. They punched and kicked the victim to the ground before taking his phone.

Officers are also investiogating a second attack in the same area soon afterwars, in which a 25-year-old was robbed after being pulled off his bicicle.

Although both victims only suffered minor injuries, police stressed the severity of the attacks.

"These men knew exactly what they were doing - they worked like a pack of animals, scouring the area looking for their victims and then all joining in together to commit the crimes. The victims did not stand a chance," said Det Cons Emma Shakespeare from Stechford CID.

"Robbery is down across Birmingham and such targetted attacks are very rare, but every victims is one too many and we are determined to bring the people responsible for these offences to justice.

"This was a horrifying attack and I would ask people to view the footage and, if they recognise anyone, to do the right thing and give us a call."

Anyone with information on the crime can cal Stetchford CID on 101.

See the footage below: