Just when everyone reckoned the Syrian government wasn't going uphold its side of the bargain when it came to an agreed ceasefire, an end to the violence still seems to be on the cards within the next 24 hours.

Arab League Special Envoy Kofi Annan had negotiated with President Bashar al-Assad's government that a 48-hour ceasefire would start yesterday. And when it didn't happen no-one was surprised: this isn't the first time the country's authorities haven't kept their word. Turkish media reported that fighting between Syrian soldiers and rebels spilled over the border into a refugee camp. One human rights organisation also reported that 100 people were killed yesterday, as bombings continued and tanks remained on the streets in some of the worst-affected, highly-populated areas.

However today Kofi Annan spoke in Tehran about the written clarification he'd received from the Syrian authorities saying they'll respect an end to the violence as long as all opposition factions do too.

There you have it, by 6am tomorrow there should be a much improved situation on the ground. World leaders - in support of a speedy end to the violence and who still have many doubts - will be waiting and watching.