Actress Natalie Cassidy has told media sources the reality show "Celebrity Big Brother" made her realise just how much she wanted ex-fiance Adam Cottrel back in her life. The couple had previously split on charges of Cottrell harassing Cassidy, 28.

Cottrell is the father of her 17-month old daughter, Eliza.

"He's getting help and going to a 12-step programme. It's been incredible. Without alcohol, Adam isn't moody or grumpy, falling asleep or calling me names. He just hasn't got that bad side to him any more," Natalie said in an interview with New! magazine.

"I need to set the record straight because I don't want women thinking, 'Oh look, I thought Natalie was really strong when actually she's really weak and taking back a wife beater. He wasn't a wife beater. He's ill. He's an alcoholic. He's not drinking any more. And I think it's so easy to give up on a relationship," Natalie was quoted as saying by STV.