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When Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon first entered the Big Brother house their purpose was very apparent; to provide much needed eye candy.

Before entering the house- complete with tiny figure hugging dresses - the most impressive thing that the 22-year-old blonde duo, told host Brian was: "We've packed lots of glamorous outfits."

Their ample bosoms, beach blond hair and questionable perky bottoms did little to prevent any preconceptions of them from viewers, or fellow house mates, and they were instantly branded 'bimbos'.

But during their time in the house the duo has managed to quickly change the public perception of them; by proving, slowly, but surely that they are a lot smarter than they look.

Their ability to hold engaging conversations, and make intelligent observations surprised those around them and their ability to scheme just as good as the next man made for entertaining viewing.

They worked out earlier on that two is always better than one and used each other's never-yielding support to their benefit, especially during heated arguments and debates.

More often than not, the sisters appeared to be 10 steps ahead of their fellow housemates and always planning their next move together.

It is clear that the infamous hefmates, who started their careers as two of Hugh Hefners girlfriends, have showed that they can be, smart, funny, entertaining as well as hot.

We have a look at other blondes that proved that they had more to offer than just a perky behind and bouncy hair.