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Flaunting your body's curves, the brands you wear, the highly expensive accessories and the perfect hairstyle... these are the most important attributes that define a celebrity!

Disregarding any one component will almost certainly land a celeb into gossipy hot waters. There have been numerous mishaps, when ignoring one aspect of the entire look leads to the entire ensemble being criticised.

For example, Beyonce Knowles' black stiletto with the leopard print really was not her best outfit. However, in her case, we could attribute the fashion disaster to post-pregnancy blues. Meanwhile, Rihanna's completely transparent black top was not totally appreciated, except for the fact it got her publicity (unwanted?) during her break-up with boyfriend Chris Brown. Selena Gomez is, for the moment, running around quite unnoticed, even during the worst faux pas. However, we can conceivably expect a tragedy there soon!

Although each of the aforementioned components of a celeb's public outfit is important, in the recent past celebrities seem rather more careful of their hairstyles than anything else.

Anything goes... from bright blue and red to pink. Some even do a variety of colours, to spice things up. Some celebrities - like Lady Gaga - concentrate of styling rather bizarre shapes and sizes; others, like Nicki Minaj, add zing to their hairstyles with pretty small accessories like laces, buttons and the curl.

Meanwhile, multi-colouring worked for Drew Barrymore but it is hard to think of many other names that will look good in a smooth transition from one colour to the other.

Incidentally, if you thought colouring and styling of the hair was only for adult celebrities, consider actress Willow Smith, who came "bald but colourful" for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Also, the whole image of streaking only a few strands with a striking colour is still very much in vogue. It is still appreciated but with a more contrast tone. Atleast that is what musician Avril Lavigne seems to be telling us.

Does the hair really convey a sense of sexuality for these celebs or is it a more appropriate way of expressing their latest fashion statement?