Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen reuters

Charlie Sheen of "Two and Half Men" fame has openly admitted, to the American public, his behaviour can, at times, be a little "wild".

The actor had a public meltdown in 2011 and was even sent to rehab for excessive alcohol and drug addiction. Sheen was then replaced by Ashton Kutcher for his hit sitcom, after the eighth season.

"I didn't recognize parts of who that guy was. I just wish it was somebody else's body. You say it's been a year - it's either been a day, or a hundred years. I guess the plan was to reintroduce myself to America and to the media and say, 'Sorry about that, but here's what's happening now," the actor was quoted as saying by Gear Live.

The actor also humourously said all his behaviour and the final breakdown was a result of a team effort.

"It was a team effort that was ultimately led by myself. There were not a lot of people close by saying, 'Dude, let's just take a step back," Sheen said.

The Times of India also reports that Charlie felt poorly about his behaviour towards Ashton Kutcher and the producers of "Two and Half Men" after he was replaced.

However, the actor is trying to make a comeback with his new sitcom "Anger Management".