Chris Brown's ongoing feud with his daughter's mother Nia Guzman has just reached breaking point. The pair, who are currently embroiled in a bitter custody battle, have taken their issues to social media and continue to take lumps out of each other in public.

After it emerged there was a warrant out for his former lover's partner King Ba, Brown took to Instagram to blast her for keeping him away from Royalty, but allowing a potential convict near her.

"All that safety talk and not allowing me to see my daughter contradicts everything. Funny how I work a legit job and love my daughter to the fullest and I'm in her life. Well, if it ain't the pot calling the kettle black. #goddontlikeugly," he posted in the on The Shade Room comments.

Guzman responded by insisting that they were no longer involved. "What's funny is I'm a single mother... I moved away from Houston... He is a single man! Tuhhhhh @chrisbrownofficial," she added, "I take care of me and my children alone."

Her representative later issued a statement saying: "Nia has not been in a dating relationship with Ba for several months and she has no criminal record and has never taken part in any criminal activity with Ba."

King Ba's alleged gang affiliation and legal drama are not the only issues getting to the Loyal hit maker. Although the pair were initially on good terms, he has not reacted well to Guzman's child support demands and has accused her of using her daughter as a meal ticket and intentionally restricting his access.

"Some men my age run from their responsibility as fathers. I embrace mine. Just sucks that some females use children as meal tickets," he recently wrote on twitter.

And friends say the baby drama has left him distraught. "Chris is desperately asking Nia to allow Royalty to come with him on tour while he's in Texas," a source told Hollywood Life, adding that Guzman is "blocking his request, telling him flat out 'no'".