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IBTimes Editor's Pick: Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS Drone with Gimbal IBT UK

The Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS Drone with Gimbal is a versatile and feature-rich drone that delivers an impressive aerial experience.

While it may not meet the standards of commercial-grade use, it excels as a family-friendly drone for recreational purposes.

In a recent product flight test, the Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS Drone with Gimbal may not meet the standards required for commercial-grade use, which typically demands higher performance and advanced features necessary for professional applications such as aerial photography, cinematography, or industrial inspections.

However, where the HS720G truly shines is in its suitability as a family-friendly drone for recreational purposes. It is designed with the needs and preferences of hobbyist drone enthusiasts and casual users in mind. Plus, the HS720G is an excellent choice for capturing memorable moments during family outings, outdoor adventures, or simple recreational flying.

Whether it's recording scenic landscapes, documenting fun gatherings, or capturing action-packed sports moments, the HS720G may deliver satisfactory results. For your convenience, you can consider the following sections of a detailed product review:


One of the key highlights of the HS720G is its 2-axis motorised gimbal and 4K EIS (Electric Image Stabilisation) Camera. This combination ensures the capture of stunning, detailed footage from a bird's-eye view. It also has EIS technology that eliminates camera shakes, resulting in smooth-looking videos.

Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS
Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS Drone with Gimbal. IBT UK

In terms of performance, the HS720G could boast its powerful brushless motors and a maximum battery life of 26 minutes. These features contribute to a stable flight experience and provide ample time for capturing the perfect shots. Additionally, the drone offers an impressive remote control range of up to 999 meters, allowing for exploration and filming from a considerable distance.

Intelligent Flight Function

The HS720G offers a range of intelligent flight functions, including Follow Me, Tap Fly, and Point of Interest. Upon trying these features, it surely allowed autonomous flight, where the drone can follow a designated target, fly to specific points, or circle around a particular area. How's that for a drone stroll? Plus - these capabilities can then free up the pilot's hands to capture incredible shots, enhancing the overall aerial photography or videography experience.

Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS
Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS Drone with Gimbal IBT UK

Powerful GPS Can Never Get Lost

The drone's powerful GPS module and Optical Flow Positioning system are noteworthy features. They enhance safety, reliability, and anti-interference capabilities, enabling the HS720G to fly farther and maintain stability even in challenging environments. These qualities make it an excellent choice for outdoor adventures with friends and family, without being limited by distance or interference.

Safety being a priority, HS720G's Emergency Stop, Smart Return to Home, GPS module, and One Key Return are truly helpful features. In worst situations, these functions minimise the risk of losing the drone and ensure a safe retrieval in case of emergencies. Pilots can fly with peace of mind, knowing that the drone has built-in safeguards.


Portability is another advantage of the HS720G, thanks to its foldable design and included carrying case. The drone can be easily packed and transported, making it convenient for travel. Weighing less than 380 grams, equivalent to a can of Coke, the HS720G is lightweight and doesn't burden users during their adventures. It truly serves as an ideal travel companion for capturing unique perspectives and memorable moments.

Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS
Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS Drone with Gimbal IBT UK

Easy to Use

IBT Editor's Pick Badge
IBT Editor's Pick Badge IBT UK

The HS720G's design may have user-friendliness at the top of the developer's mind, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced drone pilots. It incorporates functions such as Headless Mode, Automatic Take-off, Altitude Hold, and Optical Flow Positioning, which enhance stability and ease of control. These features ensure a smooth and hassle-free flying experience.

Overall, the Holy Stone HS720G 4K EIS Drone with Gimbal is a reliable and feature-rich drone, well-suited for recreational use. With its impressive camera capabilities, stable flight performance, user-friendly controls, and intelligent flight functions, it provides an enjoyable experience for hobbyist drone pilots and families seeking entertainment. While it may not meet the demands of commercial-grade applications, the HS720G is an excellent choice for capturing breathtaking shots and unlocking creativity in the skies.