The Dallas Mavericks are having a great season. Currently in 5th place in the Western Conference and with the way Luka Doncic is playing now, they can make it to the playoffs with a chance at the championship. However, center Dwight Powell suffered an injury last week, and he is out for the season. Mavericks management are reportedly getting a replacement right away from a team with nothing left to lose this season, Willie Cauley-Stein of the Golden State Warriors.

No team other than the Golden State Warriors knows how hard it is to lose the chance to win the championship because of injuries. Appearing in the NBA finals in the last five seasons and winning three, they were the team to beat in the NBA until a string of unfortunate injuries made sure they won't even make it to the playoffs this year.

According to, three days after Powell's injury, Mavericks management made their move and looked to acquire the 7-foot Cauley-Stein. This season, he is averaging 7.9 points, 6.2 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 1.2 blocks a game. Those are not stellar numbers, but with Doncic scoring 29.1 points, 9.6 rebounds (as a guard), and 9.0 assists this season, they just needed someone to help defend.

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Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks Joe Raedle/ Reuters

The Mavericks are getting Cauley-Stein cheap, he is being traded to the Warriors only for a second-round draft pick. It looks like the Warriors are really looking at the future this season, and are sympathetic to the Mavericks cause. Cauley-Stein's career averages are higher than his current season numbers. Usually averaging 9.8 points a game and 6.4 rebounds playing off the bench, He's been held back by his foot injury early in the season..

Dallas is desperate. They have an excellent chance to make it through the postseason this year. It would be their first playoff spot in four years. That's their longest drought in the past 20 years, which included the Nowitzki era. The Trade Deadline is only two weeks away and if the deal pushes through, and it most likely would, at least one player of the wounded Warriors will make it to the playoffs, even if he is wearing a different jersey.