Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor recently reversed his decision to retire Getty Images

Organisers of UFC 200 have confirmed they are seeking a replacement for Conor McGregor after giving the Irishman "every opportunity in the world" to appear at the event. The 27-year-old star was scheduled to face Nate Diaz in a much-anticipated rematch in Las Vegas in July, but the bout was cancelled after McGreogor announced his retirement on Twitter.

Since then, the Irishman has reversed his shock decision and expressed a willingness to face Diaz, even though he has bemoaned the promotional demands put on fighters. Despite this, UFC president Dana White has insisted they will not "bend" to suit McGregor.

"Anybody who has fought for the UFC over the last 16 years knows that we try to give as much leeway as we can," White said at a press conference in Las Vegas, according to the BBC. "But you have to show up to promote the fight. You have to show up to press conferences and shoot the commercials. It's part of the job. It's what we do here.

"We get criticised a lot for bending too much to Conor – and we do. I respect Conor very much as a fighter and I like him, but you have to show up and do this stuff." White also admitted he does not yet know who will replace McGregor for the event in July. "We're going to figure that out. We gave Conor every opportunity in the world to get here," he said.