Dani Alves is still hoping that his appeal for provisional release from prison will be approved. However, the latest developments in his sexual assault case are stacking the odds against him.

According to Spanish publication Marca, forensic examination of evidence related to the case has found the Brazilian footballer's DNA in semen collected from inside his accuser's body, on her clothes and on the floor of the VIP bathroom at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

It may be remembered that the 23-year-old woman immediately informed the nightclub staff about her complaint. As a result, police officers were able to process the scene with evidence still intact. The woman is also believed to have been brought straight to a clinic by ambulance. There, she was examined and evidence was collected in a manner that left as little room for contamination as possible.

The DNA analysis of semen collected from the scene and inside the accuser's body were presented to the 15th Court of Instruction in Barcelona, and according to local media reports, the DNA profile matches the samples provided by Alves.

The former Barcelona defender has changed his statement at least three times since being arrested on January 20. He initially denied even knowing the woman, but the evidence now completely debunks his initial statement, which he said was made in order to conceal the infidelity from his wife, Joana Sanz.

He then said that he only received fellatio from the woman, and later admitted to having penetrated her. However, the footballer maintains that the entire interaction was consensual, and no sexual assault took place.

The presence of Alves' semen inside his accuser's body as well as on her clothes and on the floor of the bathroom coincides with the woman's narration of the incident. However, sha has yet to prove that coercion was involved.

Alves and his lawyers are banking on a crucial piece of evidence to prove his innocence. CCTV footage from that night in question showed Alves entering the VIP bathroom alone. The woman then followed by herself almost two full minutes later. According to the defence team, this shows that she was not forced by Alves to enter the room.

The Barcelona Court of Appeal is reviewing the Brazilian's request to be released from prison during the pre-trial period. However, the the Public Prosecutor's Office and the private prosecution have pointed out that Alves could flee to his native country of Brazil where extradition does not exist for sexual assault crimes.

Dani Alves
Mexico's Pumas signed Brazil defender Dani Alves last July after he left Barcelona for a second time AFP / Ulises Ruiz