• Alexander Gustafsson defeated Glover Texeira at UFC Fight Night Stockholm.
  • 'The Mauler' could face the winner of the highly anticipated rematch at UFC 214.

Alexander Gustafsson has revealed who he would like to face if given an opportunity to fight the winner of Daniel Cormier's light heavyweight title bout with Jon Jones at UFC 214.

"The Mauler" (18-4 record in MMA) emerged victorious on home turf against Glover Texeira at UFC Fight Night Stockholm on Sunday (28 May), winning via a fifth round KO.

The win over the number two ranked Texeira firmly cements Gustafsson as the next in line for a title shot in the light heavyweight division against either one of the two fighters who have already beaten him in championship fights.

However, the Swede dropped somewhat of a bombshell in the post-fight press conference by revealing that he does not like Jones as a person, with the two having previously displayed mutual respect for each other.

"I don't like him," Gustafsson said, as quoted on MMAFighting. "I give him that he's the best fighter of all-time, the best pound-for-pound fighter of our division — of course, everybody knows that. He hasn't even lost a fight yet, he demolishes everyone he fights."

"But as a person, as a champion, he's not a champion, in my eyes. He's not a good person, in my eyes. That's why I always tell the guys, 'I hope that DC [Daniel Cormier] wins, because I like the guy, he's a worthy champion. So that's what I mean when I say that he's the biggest enemy of all-time."

Gustafsson fought both Cormier and Jones for the light heavyweight title but lost out via close decision losses, having slowly faded in the latter rounds. However, he now believes he has fixed the errors that he made along with improving his conditioning.

"It's all about the lost rounds," he added. "I've just been so close to winning the fights, I lose a little bit in the end, but we've changed our camp and our conditioning is on another level."

"Today, I'm not going to lose on the finish line again. It's not going to happen. Today, I could go 10 rounds. I could go 10 rounds next time I fight DC or Jones."

Alexander Gustafsson
Alexander Gustafsson defeated Glover Texeira to stake a claim for a light heavyweight title shot Getty