Daniel Goodfellow's mother has criticised local newspapers for choosing to focus only on Tom Daley after both Daley and her son Daniel won the bronze medal at the men's synchronised 10m platform dive in Rio on 8 August.

Sharon Goodfellow said she was surprised that a number of newspapers featured only Daley in their front and back pages, choosing to omit his dive partner Daniel.

His mother took to Twitter to express her disappointment over the lack of media coverage on her son's achievement at the Olympic Games. However, on ITV's This Morning show on 9 August, she said her son was "happy to stay in the background". He didn't mind about the media coverage that focused more on Daley rather than the both of them, she said.

Sharon Goodfellow, who has thanked people for their support, told the BBC: "As people pointed out, it's a synchro competition and you can't really have one diver singled out. People were a bit confused."

Others were also not too pleased at how Daniel's role in winning the medal was not given equal treatment in the local papers.

Rogan Thomson tweeted: "Come on papers two people trained hard to win that medal. Poor form."

The Media Blog also highlighted the distinct absence of any of Daniel's pictures in the local dailies' front pages, which only featured Daley. It said: "Congrats to Tom Daley (and his synchro partner Dan Goodfellow, who seems to be getting cropped out of the story).

In her tweet earlier, Sharon Goodfellow said she had contacted the journalist concerned over the use of only Daley's pictures but had yet to receive a reply.

Cambridge News however chose to focus on Daniel, highlighting how he had battled against injury to clinch the bronze medal. Daniel grew up in Cambridgeshire and trained at the Parkside Pools in Cambridge.

#where'sdanielgoodfellow trending

The hastag #wheresdanielgoodfellow was trending with many noticing that Daniel's picture had been cropped out in the front pages of a number of local dailies. Phil Knoxville said: "Where's Daniel Goodfellow worst game of Where's Wally! Looked for 6hrs until I found out he's not in the photo!

Daniel says will tell mum to stay off Twitter

In an interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire over media coverage on the duo's medal win, Daniel said: "Me and Tom have both been working so hard for this and we're both so happy for each other. To me it doesn't really matter."

He however did joke that he would be "having a stern word" with his mother. "I'd probably just tell my mum to stay off Twitter," he said.