Former Manchester United and Real Madrid star midfielder David Beckham has chipped in with his message for Bolton Wanderer's midfielder Fabrice Muamba, who collapsed with a heart attack, while playing in his club's FA Cup tie against Tottenham.

"It's hard. Our thoughts as a club and individually, from my family, all go to his family, his friends. We just hope he pulls through. It's a tough time for him and his family, of course. But he's got a lot of support out there, he's got a lot of love out there - not just from the football in England, but from the whole world. You go into these games week in and week out and the amount of pressure that's on teams to win games -- this puts it all in perspective. Health is the most important thing. Individuals and their health is more important than anything. Our love as a club all goes to him," Beckham was quoted as saying by the Mirror.

The latest reports on Muamba's condition seem to suggest that while the 23-year-old is off medications and is now able to move his hands and feet, his condition remains critical.

"Everyone out there thank you so much for all the love and support. Collectively as a family we appreciate it all. Please continue to pray for fab. Fabrice WILL pull through because God is good. Love you so much @fmuamba keep strong we're praying for u honey xx," his fiancée was quoted as saying by The Sun.