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This time last year, Chelsea were sealing a British record transfer deal for Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, as the Reds purchased Andy Carroll from Newcastle as an immediate replacement.

Fast forward to now, and while the Blues have been particularly quiet compared to last January, they have still completed quite a few deals in the hopes of building a long term future for the squad.

Youngster Kevin de Bruyne has been confirmed by both Chelsea and Genk as making the move from Belgium, though the youngster won't move to Stamford Bridge until summer at least, heading straight back to Genk on loan.

The club are also said to be very close to a deal for Nottingham Forest starlet Patrick Bamford, after Steve Coterill confirmed as much this morning. And while two youngsters are coming intot he fold in west London, one is leaving, with Philipp Prosenik set to make the move to AC Milan.

IBTimes UK looks back over the day's events for Chelsea, as the side look to push for an unlikely top finish this season and Champions League qualification.