Dennis Rodman was part of the Chicago Bulls during their second three-peat. In the first one, he was a Detroit Pistons "Bad Boy" portrayed as the "team to beat" in the Bulls' rise to stardom. Scottie Pippen was also one of the integral players of both teams. However, in Episode 2 of the "The Last Dance," Pippen was reportedly offended by the documentary. Rodman took it upon himself to defend Pippen.

While Michael Jordan did speak on record saying that Pippen was the best teammate ever and he would not have gotten the acclaim he has now without him, the episode doesn't portray Pippen that way. Instead of showing his role as part of the Jordan-Pippen Bulls duo, he was portrayed as a bitter child complaining about his low pay and acting like a spoiled brat.

According to ESPN, the statement Jordan made about Pippen in Episode 2 of the documentary saying, "I thought Scottie was being selfish," deeply offended Pippen. In typical Scottie Pippen fashion, the ex-Chicago Bulls superstar refused to comment. But close friends and family members reported that he was hurt by it.

In an interview, Rodman said that Pippen should be remembered as one of the best players who ever played the game. He gave his opinion both as a teammate and as a rival opponent. He says that no one could see Pippen that way because he is too quiet and was always standing behind Jordan. He is quiet and underpaid, but Rodman says that people should see him as a hero instead of a brat.

Pippen took a long-term underpaying contract in 1988 to support his large family that includes a disabled brother and father. Pippen took the deal to guarantee his income for years to come rather than having teams bid for an A-player like him.

By the late '90s, Pippen was one of the pillars of the great Chicago Bulls legacy, but he was still underpaid, underappreciated, and underrated. The documentary focused on that instead of showing how great a player he was and how he contributed to Jordan and the Bulls.

"The kid is a hero." Those are big words, especially from Rodman, who doesn't have too many kind words to say about anyone.

Dennis Rodman
Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman arrives at Beijing Capital International Airport Reuters/Jason Lee