The electrical pulses stimulate certain nerves in the brain to achieve the desired effect Thync

Pre-orders began on 3 June of a 'digital drug' that induces calm and energetic modes which "shifts your state of mind" and helps "conquer life".

The gizmo called Thync comes as a wearable device to stick to the temple with a second pad on a spot in the back of the head depending upon the need for calm or stimulation.

Reports from Gizmag saw wearers experience a "zen-like calm and presence combined with inspired motivation".

The calm mode left the users feeling "a bit like we'd just smoked a joint" and the energy mode led to more of a "stimulated clarity".

The device basically works by sending electrical pulses that control neuro-signalling to activate cranial and peripheral nerves as per the need.

The product is said to be safe with the low intensity, high frequency electrical pulses delivered via biocompatible materials.

The device is wireless and connects to a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Using the official app, the length of the session and strength of the pulses can be adjusted.

The minimum time needed for the calming effect is five minutes, say Gizmag scribes.

According to the founder Dr Jamie Tyler, who is a neuroscience and bioengineering expert, the product uses low levels of pulsed electrical energy to signal specific neural pathways, allowing users to dial up or dial down their stress responses and energy levels.

Thync is marketed as a lifestyle consumer product and not a medical one, so it does not require FDA permit.

The device which includes four packs of sticky strips, with five strips in each pack costs around 195 pounds ($299). Replacement sticky strips cost $20 for a pack of five.

The strips are only officially recommended for one session each.