She may have had to do some growing up since becoming a mother but Beyoncé has proved that she is still in touch with her inner child after releasing a vintage video of herself getting competitive during a pool game.

In the 50-second clip entitled 'How To Play Pool,' posted on her Tumblr page she gives lessons on playing pool etiquette.

Dressed in a bejeweled cropped top, a pair of jeans and patterned headscarf, the Countdown singer lets her goofy side loose with hilarious results.

In the clip, apparently taken in 2001, the 30-year-old singer playfully mocks her opponent whilst giving advice on having the perfect manners at the billiard table.

A younger Beyonce is seen first sizing up her opponent before talking smack to pysch him out.

Appearing make-up free and chewing heavily on some gum, the songstress can be heard teasing her defeated opponent by saying: "I whooped him. It does not matter boo, I whooped you."

Despite informing viewers not to gloat too much she is later seen doing a victory dance around the pool table.

Her diva strop is a side to the singer rarely seen by fans, but from her level of success it it's clear that her competitive Sasha Fierce (Beyonce's alter ego) side is there.