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Dogs have their set of individual intelligence and skills as shown using a set of tests. Reuters

Your pet may not be a Protodog, able to handle people with disabilities as effectively as a retriever mix Caspin who guided and pulled in her master when she could not move indoor.

But chances are that your dog could be an aloof "Stargazer" who is self-reliant and more inclined to the present moment than remembering past events. Or he could be a problem-solver "Ace" who is good at everything.

An evolutionary anthropologist at Duke University has devised a test to check out your dog's brainpower using a set of games, reports AP.

"People will learn about and come to a new understanding of their best friends," said host Brian Hare, who helped develop the assessment as an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology and member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University in North Carolina.

The Dognition Assessment judges dog brainpower using 20 games to determine a dog's level of empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning. The full test consists of 20 exercises, and costs $15.

After conducting the games and turning in the answers the University will do the assessment to dub your dog an Ace, Charmer, Socialite, Expert, Renaissance Dog, Protodog, Einstein, Maverick or Stargazer.

Einsteins' are the brainiacs who can solve new problems by looking at the facts in front of them but are social unfits like geniuses! The Socialite relies on using the humans to get what they want. Renaissance dogs are reliable while Charmers know all the tricks to deal with humans.

Nat Geo Wild's three-part series "Is Your Dog a Genius?" airing 15-17 May will use the new test.

One of the tests uses memory versus pointing, where two overturned paper cups are put down allowing the dog to watch as you put a treat under one.

You point to the empty cup and see where your pet goes.

If your pet goes to the empty cup, he's good at following orders and bonding. If he goes to the other, he has a good memory and is self-reliant!