Mountain View, California, was plunged into darkness following a widespread blackout after a drone crash knocked out a power line on Thursday (8 June). The crash was allegedly caused by an unknown man, who was flying the drone in an area where UAVs are not permitted to be flown.

Authorities said the blackout affected areas including the City Hall as well as the city library, which was later evacuated. The resultant damage cost the city "tens of thousands of dollars", according to Mountain View city officials.

Witnesses told police officers that they had seen a white male with white hair flying the drone in the area and that he drove off in a white hatchback. Authorities said the drone had crashed into a high-voltage wire.

The DailyDot reported that as of Sunday (11 June), the police were yet to identify or apprehend the unidentified man witnesses claimed to have seen flying the drone. The investigation is still ongoing.

This is not the first time a drone has caused damage to infrastructure. In the past, drones have crashed into aeroplanes, causing major air-traffic control issues. In the US, the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) has imposed strict restrictions that forbid people from flying drones near airports and in crowded, residential areas.