A vet in Dublin managed to successfully performed a rare Caesarean section surgery on a guinea pig and helped her deliver six healthy kits.

C-sections on guinea pigs are rarely successful because of their size. However, veterinary surgeon Sarah Jane Kenny managed to pull off the feat with flying colours.

"The first big challenge was the anaesthetic for a tiny guinea pig, especially a tiny, pregnant guinea pig, as there's a high risk involved when using a general anaesthetic," said Kenny, who works at MyVet Firhouse in Dublin, per The Independent.

"Surgery was another challenge because of Nugget's small size and lasted around 50 minutes as we worked carefully to safely deliver the six kits," she said adding that her babies are all healthy and safe.

Guinea pigs are tiny little rodents who communicate through various sounds. There are more than 20 recognized breeds of these animals. They are highly social animals who need to have daily interaction and that is why they should always be adopted in pairs.

In a similar incident reported from Michigan last year, a scientist performed a C-section on a dead turtle to retrieve its eggs and save its babies. Dr. Eric C. Martens had found the turtle on the road last year in June. It had been hit by a car and by the time he found the turtle, it had already died.

"While I was getting the eggs out, a massive storm came through, undoubtedly what motivated her to leave the water that night," he said, explaining why the mother turtle left its home. He had incubated the eggs, which developed and hatched into babies around August last year.

Sharing the news on Twitter, he wrote: "Today her eggs started hatching! So far with 2 fully emerged and healthy and at least 3 more on the way. They'll get a few days to get to full strength and maybe a meal or two before going back into the same pond their mom came from."

Guinea Pigs
Representative Image by Jay Reed User:J.reed, CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons