Police searching for Dylan Cecil a missing four-year-old boy who fell from a jetty into the water at Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, have confirmed they have recovered body of a young child near the local yacht club. Dylan's parents have been told although a formal identification has yet to be carried out.

Dylan fell from the jetty on the south side of the slipway, into deep whirlwind type water at Burnham-on-Sea on Sunday evening, while out walking with his parents Rachel McCollum and Darren Cecil, and his two sisters. His parents jumped in to rescue him without success and had to be pulled to safety. The accident prompted an immediate large scale air and sea search operation. This was later changed to an operation to recover a body.

Earlier this week, his mother Rachel McCollum told the BBC: "I jumped in straight after him, what more could I do? I knew as soon as I jumped in I wasn't getting him back. It was a whirlpool. Then speaking of her son, she added that he was "the most gorgeous boy, perfect in every single way".

A spokesman for Sedgemoor District Council said 'as with all tragic accidents of this nature, we will be carrying out an internal review to establish all relevant information'.

Written and presented by Ann Salter