At least 26 people have been killed in Egypt after a train slammed into several vehicles including a bus and a truck.

Most of the victims were guests and family members of a wedding party who were travelling home on the bus after the ceremony in Cairo.

The incident occurred at a crossing near the village of Dahshur, about 40km (25 miles) south of the capital, officials said.

According to the head of Egypt's railway authority, the bus driver and drivers of the other vehicles ignored warning lights and attempted to cross the tracks despite the approaching train.

They were slammed into by a freight train carrying construction materials from the city of Beni Suef to Cairo.

"The bus stormed the crossing, according to initial reports," Hussein Zakaria told state television. "The crossing was closed with chains and there were warning lights."

At least 28 people were injured, the head of Egypt's emergency services, Ahmed el-Ansari, said. Many remain in hospital.

Egypt railways have a poor safety record. Almost 20 people were killed in another incident in January while nearly 50 children died as a train hit their school bus near Manfalut in November 2012.