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Elon Musk admitted to using an alt account on X where he role-played as a child. Wikimedia Commons

During a legal deposition, Elon Musk admitted to using two secret alternate accounts on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). He acknowledged briefly using one account for "testing purposes," where he impersonated a child.

Social media sleuths identified an X account linked to Musk. During a deposition, lawyers pressed Musk to confirm whether he used this account, which came to light after a screenshot he shared revealed the additional profile.

The linked account, "@ermnmusk," with the username "Elon Test," sparked suspicion. The content suggested Musk was impersonating a child, possibly even his three-year-old son. This revelation aligns with Musk's prior admission of having a private Instagram account with only 54 followers, which he disclosed last year.

In an X post from last year that is no longer available, the account stated it would turn three years old on May 4, 2023. Interestingly, May 4, 2023, also happened to be the third birthday of Elon Musk's son, X AE A-XII.

In another post from last year that is no longer available, the account expressed, "I wish I were old enough to go to nightclubs. They sound so fun." It is worth noting that X's new moderation office in Austin, Texas, will primarily focus on tackling content depicting child sexual abuse.

The account has a relatively small following of 1,251 users compared to the massive following of over 180 million on Musk's main account. It recently posted content last Tuesday.

Elon Musk's use of social media platforms under scrutiny

According to a HuffPost report, the 52-year-old business magnate was shown a screenshot of the Elon Test X account. During a legal proceeding on March 27, Musk denied using the account. He explained that he might have created it briefly for testing purposes.

Musk revealed in a deposition transcript that he primarily uses two accounts on the platform: his well-known main account and a lesser-known one under the username @babysmoke9000.

Speculation has also connected Elon Musk to another account, @babysmurf9000. This account has shared content about Tesla, X, and even a recent documentary featuring Musk.

Details emerged on Monday that the X owner was questioned under oath (deposed) in a lawsuit. The lawsuit accuses Musk of spreading a false rumour online that linked 22-year-old Ben Brody to a white supremacist organization (neo-Nazi group).

Brody initiated legal action against Musk last fall, claiming the tech mogul used X to promote false information and incorrectly identified Brody as a participant in a clash between two extremist groups at a Pride event (the Rose City Nationalists and the Proud Boys).

Tempers flared during the virtual deposition conducted via Zoom. Despite questions from Brody's lawyer, Mark Bankston, about whether he took any actions that might have harmed him, Musk replied, "I don't know Ben Brody."

Brody is seeking $1 million in compensation for the harm caused to his public image by Musk's actions. In addition to the Brody lawsuit, Musk is facing legal action from former Twitter executives. They allege that after acquiring the social media platform and terminating their employment, Musk has failed to pay them nearly £103.62 ($130) million.