Samsung Galaxy S2 users can now manually enable Near Field Communication (NFC) functions on any NFC-capable S2 variant running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Thanks to XDA senior member jthatch12, S2 users can now enable NFC with any custom Jelly Bean ROM on their device. Users with no NFC hardware support on their device cannot enable this option, as their phones are not compatible. Users are advised to check if their hardware specifications include NFC before installing the NFC Enabler tool. This tool is designed to work only on Jelly Bean OS and will not work with Ice Cream Sandwich or any other OS.

Here is the complete list of Galaxy S2 (GS2) devices on which NFC is confirmed to work (YES) and those not working (NO):

  • i9100= NO
  • i9100P= YES (it's an i9100, but with NFC. ROMs for i9100 will work, but need to be modified to show NFC settings, otherwise no NFC options will show)
  • i9100G= NO, it's completely different from the i9100 hardware (TI-OMAP instead of Exynos). ROMs from i9100P don't work.
  • T989 (T-Mobile GS2) = YES, but it's completely different from the i9100 hardware (Snapdragon S3 instead of Exynos). ROMs from i9100P don't work.
  • i777 (AT&T GS2) = YES, but stock ROMs disable it. ROMs from i9100 work because they're the same phone (it's really an i9100P because it has NFC) but you need to modify button layout or the buttons won't work in the ROM.
  • D710 (Sprint GS2) = NO

NFC Enabler Download Link

Download NFC Enabler (download here)

How to Enable NFC on Galaxy S2 Running Jelly Bean

How to Enable NFC on Samsung Galaxy S2 Variants Running Jelly Bean [GUIDE]
NFC Enabler now allows you to manually enable NFC on any Galaxy S2 variant (with NFC hardware) running the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS Photo: XDA Developers
  • Download the NFC Enabler file from the above lin.
  • Flash the file to your phone from recovery.
  • Reboot or restart your phon.
  • You should now find the NFC option under Wireless & Networks > Settings.

NFC is now enabled on your Galaxy S2 smartphone running the latest Jelly Bean OS.

[Source: XDA Developers]