Excitement is building among England football fans as they arrive in Donetsk for their third Euro 2012 match tonight, this time against one of the hosts, Ukraine.

An eager 86 fans were determined not to miss out and came in on the early overnight train from Kiev – a 12 hour journey - with another 4,000 or so due to come in later. On Friday England beat Sweden 3-2. So are our hopes up about tonight's scoreline?

" will lose, probably 3-0, I expect," said. When asked why, he said, "It's the host nation, they are excited and we are tired."

The two of us are completely different. I think it won't be easy but I think we're going to go through. We will beat them 2-1. We are a better team than Ukraine but home nation, home support, they will be up for it but fingers crossed. I think we will just do it 2-1 so come on England, let's get through it,"

It's doubtful Walcott will start after the injury he sustained in the last match. And if England win tonight it means they are into the Final 8.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole.