Laura Simpson
Laura Simpson discusses her night with Wayne Rooney (pictured alongside his wife Coleen) ITV Screengrab

The party girl who was in Wayne Rooney's company when he was arrested for drink-driving has been accused of trying to milk her 15 minutes of fame with lewd comments about his manhood.

Laura Simpson, 29, who claimed that they had enjoyed a "kiss and cuddle" after he complimented her on her figure at Bubble Room cocktail bar in upmarket Alderley Edge, is said to have replied to a Manchester United fan who asked about their night together over the weekend.

When she was asked why she got to know Rooney− who has long been compared to Shrek by detractors−she reportedly replied: "Shrek has got tekkers (technique).''

The online user then pushed for more details by asking whether the Everton striker was " hung like a hamster or an ogre".

To which the office worker replied: "Like an ogre."

Following a moment of clarity, she deleted the posts, apologised to her followers and claimed her friend had got Twitter happy after getting hold of an unlocked phone.

Her pal, replied:"Yea couldn't resist when she left her phone on the table...I could have put something far worse to be fair ha ha."

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Wayne Rooney arrives at Stockport Magistrates court after being arrested on 1 September, and consequently charged with driving whilst over the prescribed limit Oli Scarff/AFP

But the online community was not buying their story. Many accused her of intentionally trying to stir up fresh controversy, having previously denied kissing or doing anything sexual with the football ace during an appearance on This Morning.

"So you saw his penis then," one person said while another accused her of attention seeking in a sarcasm-laced tweet that read: "Because he cares so much about you nonentities still trying to get famous off his back."

Since Rooney's arrest, Simpson has capitalised on her night with the nation's record goalscorer with TV appearances and press interviews. He, on the other hand, was handed a two-year driving ban after pleading guilty to a charge of drink-driving, ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order and is still in the doghouse with his pregnant wife Coleen.