Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Dwayne Johnson thrills fans with comic exchange on Twitter REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Only a fool would want to mess around with The Rock, and it looks like there are a couple of them out there in the world. One particular risk-taker decided to take on the man with the muscles with a snarky comment on Twitter.

Dwayne Johnson posted a message on the social media site to congratulate his fellow wrestler Kurt Angle, who was making a return to WWE. "Congrats to my good bud @RealKurtAngle and his return tonight to a @WWE ring. Special athlete and great human being. Have FUN brotha #WWETLC," he wrote on 23 October.

Australian comedian Ben Pobjie decided to comment on the supportive post with a serving of snarky humour. "Dwayne, wrestling isn't real. It's time you knew," he wrote, not expecting the actor to respond in a matter of minutes.

Johnson — who had a successful career in WWE, before he segued to films — replied to the post, with a serving of charm that ended with a knockout punch. "I like the dry wit," he wrote, before explaining, "Correct, I do in fact know wrestling isn't real. That's why I said "have fun". I also know, you can go f**k yourself."

The Twitter exchange only got better from there, with Pobjie experiencing immediate remorse. "My worst nightmare has come true. The Rock thinks I wanted to insult him. I am scum," he wrote. "I'm playing a dangerous game hoping @TheRock gets my zany sense of humour and doesn't just have me killed."

The Fast & Furious star then did his bit to put the man at ease. "Haha I just hit you back. Yes, I not only got the zany but appreciated it as well," he replied.

The whole commotion came to a calm and pleasant end, with Pobjie calling The Rock a "gentleman and an artist," who in turn reveled in the compliment. "And there are so few of us left," he wrote.