There's been a 'Falklands face-off'between Prime Minister David Cameron and Argentinian President Christina Fernandez. By all accounts the feisty leader tried to hijack him at the G20 summit with a letter about the Falkland Islands.

Here's the shot of her reading him a letter after he approached her before the summit's opening session. He said he wasn't going to have a full discussion with her about the referendum that Islanders are planning for the first half of next year, but that she should 'respect' their views.

The BBC's Political Editor Nick Robinson say the letter she's holding seemed to outline a 1985 UN resolution requesting that 'both governments to negotiate a "peaceful" resolution to the Falklands dispute'. Mr Cameron promptly walked away.

The political spat only serves to reinforce the heightened emotions around the issue of who the land belongs too. The 3,000 strong islanders feel they're British and have felt so for the last 30 years since the war with Argentina and long before that.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole